We started our journey in 2009 and have over the years been through a lot of changes. Today we are managed by our four shareholders and with our headoffice in Malmö, Sweden.

We are trying to get rid off all these paper receipts. This by making it possible for stores, restaurants and hotels to use Kvittar’s system to send receipts digitally directly to the consumers instead of printing them on paper.  Kvittar in-store is built of a vision to make it possibile for consumers to get and store their receipts digitally. We started with the belief to make the data available for you digitally to make your life a bit easier. We are live in a couple of places in Sweden so far.

Kvittar was first out in Sweden (the snowy country up north) to give a digital receipt to customers in stores and restaurants. This is an even easier way to get receipts digitally directly to your app. Kvittar is available in a couple of places in Sweden, keep an eye out for our logo. If you have a point of sales system and want to use our system you can read more about how to integrate it here.

Are you looking for bringing the digital revolution to your country or how you can use it, please get in contact with us at info@kvittar.se